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Postby island » Mon Dec 26, 2011 9:52 pm

Little River Lighthouse Living History Project, a Tim Harrison creation.

“The Lighthouse Endeavor” is an Education and Preservation project that depends upon the residency of a single individual, attempting to be the first in the 164 year history of the most northeastern island lighthouse in the United States, to live alone for one year, for the sole purpose of creating a unique platform of on-site and distance-learning programming. This will address a wide range of subjects from math and science to ecology and preservation, be universally accessible to educators, organizations and the public, provide a multimedia chronicle of his daily life on this remote island, and raise awareness and funding for the ongoing preservation of this lighthouse, and other lighthouses around the world."

For somewhat less than adequate planning, preparation and financing this education and preservation project has become one of ongoing ordeal for self-preservation by this individual with thus far only mild winter conditions. And this with having no lightkeeping responsibilities. He has yet to experience real winter weather fully set in for days on end with freezing rain and snow, cold northwest winds and long periods of below freezing temperatures that will surely to confine him to this island for many days at a time.

His daily accounts posted in his Keepers Journal may be viewed at http://thelighthouseendeavor.com/

I will refrain from presenting my additional thoughts on this beyond simply that the lighthouse service would never have assigned lightkeepers in this situation under these conditions on an offshore station unless with adequate preparation and even with such, not alone.

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Postby island » Thu Feb 16, 2012 6:13 pm

Day 130 and still counting with the winter seasonal weather improving. Bill is doing very well meeting the challenges of solo living on the island that at times are very difficult. He has now become a unique part of that small and unique downeast coastal community, Cutler Maine.
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