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Postby LighthouseNews » Tue Mar 10, 2009 2:20 pm

Press Release From American Lighthouse Foundation at Maine Business (mainetoday.com)

Winter's Icy Grip Doesn't "Freeze" Restoration Plans at Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

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Postby island » Tue Mar 10, 2009 6:21 pm

"Winter 2008-09 has been a memorable one along the Midcoast of Maine, with the affects of frigid arctic air and powerful snowstorms taking turns wreaking havoc on the region."

I am sure it was memorable for someone who has not lived on the Midcoast or in Maine for very long. Weather here is routinely much harsher than in the Mid-Atlantic region.
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Postby epona » Wed Mar 11, 2009 1:57 am

Island makes a very good point about winters in Maine (and I have not lived on the Mid Coast of Maine).

I have spent most of my life in New England. What nasty weather on the coast of Maine? One thing I have noticed is that winter weather starts getting to some of us. Now I understand why people take vacations to say FL, AZ or become snowbirds in the winter.

In looking out my windows I see it is snowing once again over Biddeford and Saco Maine.
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Postby vacastle » Wed Mar 11, 2009 8:52 am

It was snowing again early this morning inland too. We needed some more; the old was getting dirty. :-)
Granted, this is my first winter in Maine after living the majority of my life in the Mid-Atlantic area. For the most part, I've done fine with the drastic change in climate thanks to having a very patient teacher. I don't feel this has been a harsh winter.

What I am noticing everywhere I go now though, is that native Mainers are saying they've had enough.
I also hear native Mainers talk about how this winter has been worse than many in a long time.

Where we live, we've faired well. There's only been a brief time without electricity, and dressed right, the temperatures even for my Southern blood, have not been all that bad. I have been duly impressed with how even the back country roads are kept clear. We've only had about 27 inches of snow on the ground at any one time, and little ice. I've been to Canada several times this winter, and was amazed that there was less snow on the ground there, than here.

What I haven't missed at all about the Mid-Atlantic Region?
Black ice routinely on the pavement; side roads and back roads iced up for days because only the major roads are treated; frequent power outages because of ice and downed trees on the power lines; and major 1-3 hour backups in traffic because cars are overturned everywhere (ICE).

Harsh winters are in the eye of the beholder.

The article is telling the general public that even though we've come through the long winter months, and they've physically seen little work activity taking place at Pemaquid, that the work does go on year round. It is positive publicity, and it's always a benefit to get positive publicity.

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Postby Grover1 » Wed Mar 11, 2009 10:47 am

The winter storm season along the New Jersey coast ... Five, six, maybe ten storms of varying intensity each and every year ... tropical force winds for sure ... hurricane force gusts on occasion ... brutal in its onshore assault ... erosion is just the beginning of the damage ... property and infrastructure are only slightly behind.

For sure we dont get the accumultated snows of those in the Great North ... and I am not one for climatological debate ... Ill just say we all endure that which is peculiar to our region ...

... and mind you we have yet to hear from the denizens of the Great Lakes ... and those transplanted from the Great Lakes ... regarding gales and ice and temperature. I do believe, however, we just might :wink:
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Postby LighthouseNews » Wed Mar 11, 2009 5:14 pm

Hmmph. I always call these Mainers wimps. They don't know snow. After all, Sault Ste. Marie in Michigan averages 200 inches a year. And these Mainers whine about 70-90? Pah! And in the summer, they whine about humidity and heat?? Same thing. They never see dead stillness here, with 90 degree temps at midnight, and humidity so sticky you can't even breathe. :lol:
(Thanks Barry for giving this misplaced Michigander a chance to say all that :P )

Seriously, the midcoast has seen some harsh weather this year, and not the snow, but from the ice storms and power outages. Even I got sick of it this year (the one on Christmas Day was the last straw) and bought an automatic standby generator.
Oh, and parts of Maine did set some new record lows. Like -50 below 0.
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