1893 Columbian Exhibition

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This photo image has appeared on various websites.

The large lens at the left is the 1st Order Cape Charles lens. The large lens at the left was the 2nd Order Minots Ledge lens. Both of these were Mahan System design that displayed numeric flash patterns, 1-4-3 for Minots and 5-4 for Cape Charles. The largest lens in the center is a Hyper-Radiant lens that was intended for Ponce De Leon but instead installed at Makapuu. The circular lens in the center is the 60 inch diameter lens for Waackanck Range light. Behind and to the left of the Minots lens is a lightship lamp assembly. The small lens in front of the Cape Charles lens 4th Order with occulating chimney assembly. The model at the left is Fowey Rocks and at the right is Minots. The small lens in the center is a 4th Order revolving.

In the French exhibit was the 9 foot diameter bivalve lens that later was purchased and installed at Navesink South.

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