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Postby LindaDianto » Sat Feb 05, 2011 11:05 pm

Please note the National Lighthouse Museum has been revived and has established a dynamic Board of Trustees, Advisors and FRIENDS dedicated to moving the Museum plans forward...
Go to our website: www.lighthousemuseum.org and learn more about the Museum and our latest efforts to turn a dream into reality!
Also go to www.SILive.com and put in National Lighthouse Museum to read local information and what the Staten Island community is saying about the movement!
We have launched the 1-1-11 challenge by 12! A challenge to the community and the nation (This is a national museum!) to raise one million dollars in one year to open Building #11 by 2012! Please help us in these efforts and you will finally see a museum...go to our website and you can pay through PayPal if you sincerely want to help in this effort to turn things around!
If a million children gave just $1 we would reach our goal! If 200,000 people gave $5 we would reach our goal! If 40,000 people gave $25 we would reach our goal...please help make this happen and assure all the lighthouses in the country are honored and respected as a united group deserving of this umbrella! The possibilities are endless...
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