USCG Lens Loan commentary.

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Postby alchunb » Wed Feb 09, 2011 7:09 am

As members of the lighthouse community many of your organizations have in the past or are in the process of obtaining a loan agreement from the USCG for the display and/or restoration of a classical Fresnel lens. As you are already aware, there is a very lengthy and complex process to follow to meet the USCG requirements for that loan; one of the provisions states that all work on the lens must be performed by a “qualified lens expert” (Lampist), one who meets the USCG standards for both expertise and standards of ethics. You are also aware that this process and the associated experts do not come cheap. This commentary is to make organizations aware of the old adage; “let the buyer beware”. Although the list of qualified professionals is small, there is a substantial difference in opinions for the correct methodology and processes to achieve the desired restoration. In order to avoid confusion, misleading claims, or even “buyer’s remorse”, it is suggested that these organizations take the time necessary to research the process in its entirety. Before hiring a professional Lampist, ask questions, ask for references, qualifications, experience (including previous lens work), education, materials to be used, etc. Ethics is a term used loosely in advertising; make sure the claims and qualifications of the individual are accurate, without bias, and in the best interest of your lens. There may be different methods to achieve the same goal; nobody can claim to be the sole option. There are several professional Lampist available, all qualified individuals with years of experience and expertise; just do your homework and choose the professional that best meets the needs of your organization.
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