Cast Iron Towers

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This method of pre-fabricated construction was developed by Alexander Gordon of England and the third of his design in North America was the 1850 Cape Pine in Newfoundland. Gordan's lighthouses were cast at Pimlico, U.K and designed to be erected by comparatively unskilled labor http://www.capepine.com/history/gordon.htm

There are a couple of dozen identical "tin can" towers, prefabricated cast iron towers in the U.S. with identical lanterns on top. These include; Race Point, Fort Constitution, and Little River. Cast-iron plates were prefabricated offsite, numbered, and easily assembled into towers on site. The cast-iron plates were either segments of a cone or a flat surface. The plates have flanges on all four sides which were fastened together by bolts. They are basically brick lined storage tanks topped by a lantern. The advantage was they were cheap to construct.
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