Disney's Pete's Dragon fake lighthouse (which existing one?)

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Postby Xavier » Fri Mar 27, 2009 10:00 pm

Hi there,
I'm currently trying to identity which existing lighthouse might have been the base (original model) for the fake lighthouse featuring in "Pete's Dragon" (which was built in California and was destroyed when the movie was completed) - see http://www.zuzudisney.com/imgAnimation/ ... ott-10.jpg

In other words, I'd like to know which US or Canadian lighthouse (California/Oregon/Washington or New England / New Brunswick / Nova Scotia) does look like almost exactly the same as the fake one of the movie (I know some like Peggy's cove do look like similarly, but it's not exactly the same - I mean, the upper part is quite different / On the other hand, other lighthouses like Heceta Head looks like the same upper part [but the lower part looks like different], Yaquina Head is bigger than the movie's one, Point Sur, Ca has exactly the head part of the fake one - but does not have the lower part...). It's quite difficult to "find" the "good one", most approaching.
Does anyone here have any idea?
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Postby GreatLakes » Thu Feb 25, 2010 3:30 pm

I've been obsessed with this movie and this lighthouse since I was a kid. I was so disappointed once I found out that the lighthouse was destroyed after filming. I was wondering where you got this picture from? It's a really great production shot.

Before I found out that the lighthouse was built as a set, I scoured US and Canadian lighthouses to see if I could find it. The closest one I found is West Quoddy Head Light in Maine.

Again, I would love to know where you got that production shot of the Pete's dragon lighthouse or if you have any more photos like it.

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