National Lighthouse Museum (Essentially) Dead

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Postby BMR » Sat Apr 06, 2013 2:53 am

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Postby island » Sun Apr 07, 2013 9:02 pm

A further disappointment to those involved in this project. The depot at Staten Island played a most significant role in lighthouse service history as the source of the needed supplies to operate and maintain lighhouses, a small factory producing varous implements for use by lightkeepers and location of development and testing for improvement of illumination. And not to forget the very many people performing a variety of jobs and tasks at this Depot. But it has no lighthouse nor did it have a lighthouse providing aid to navigation in New York Harbor. At Staten Island it would be possible to have a lightship or perhaps the restored tender Lilac moored at the dock but with a substantal increase in the need for revenue to maintain such ships.

This project was identified as National but unlikely to receive significant national support in the form or needed revenue to create this museum and to sustain it in years to come. The many small lighthouse groups with their own lighthouses to maintain and is some cases to relocate to protect from destruction would not be in a position to provide more than vocal support to this project and likewise the same for organizations such as ALF, GLLKA, or the US Lighthouse Society.

Regarding this project to become a center for teaching lighthouse history, how could this be better than teaching at the locations of individual lighthouses where these were part of the local maritime history? And these lighthouses though with but few artifacts, photos and other historic materials, where better to teach and to lean of what lightkeepers did and how the lived than at a lighthouse where the lived and worked? If you want to teach or to learn about bridges would it not be better accomplished at the Goldent Gate Bridge than at the mill that produced the bridge steel or for the stone lighthouses better at the lighthouse or at the quarry that supplied the stone?

To call it like it is the primary purpose of this project and motivation to support such was to supplement current tourist attractions offered by N.Y. City and thus accordingly though not at buildings formerly used by the lighthouse service a very nice lighthouse museum for such purpose might well be created at St. Lewis, Tulsa, or Charleston, WVa .
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