Loss of Princess Sophia near Sentinel Light.

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The post regarding Sentinel Light attracted my interest in the grounding of the Princess May, which then led me to the wreck of the Princess Sophia a few year later about four miles from this lighthouse. The loss of this ship in 1918 might be appropriately be considered the Alaska equivalent of the loss of the Titanic. The ship grounded on a ledge at about 2:00 am, Oct. 25th. Numerous vessels including the lighthouse tender Cedar arrived at the scene intent on rescue. However, building sea and wind conditions the entire following day prevented even failed rescue attempts. On the next morning conditions were impoved and rescue was now possible but too late for ship had slipped off the ledge into deep water earllier during the night taking with it all 345 passengers and crew, some to die from exposure in the cold water, while others were trapped below deck on the ship. The only surviver found sometime later was a small dog that somehow was able to swim to a nearby island.

There are several web sites with accounts of this ship wreck. This is one with an extensive account including an hour by hour timeline. From reading this one can understand and feel the shear frustration and disappointment experienced by those of the more than ample rescue fleet.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Princess_S ... tober_1918
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