The Most Expensive Lighthouse (Part 2)

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St. George was costly to construct and more so for the way it was bit by bit funded by Congress thus work frequently interupted and for the need to construct significant on-shore infrastructure 85 miles down the coast to facilitate this project. And at the time Lighthouse Service funding was most needed to repair Civil War damage to many existing lighthouses and lightships and to catch up with needed repair and maintenance of other lights and other infrastructure that was delayed during the war years.

Tillamook Rock lighthouse was less difficult to construct this rock being higher and wider thus with a place to accomodate workers overnight. At St. Gerorge the workers were housed on a schooner moored near the rock and the workers were transported to and from the rock one or two at a time on a long cable. And unlike St. George no high caisson was needed at Tillamock for a foundation on which to construct the tower.
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