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A forum to post any lighthouse pictures you'd like others to see. Feel free to talk about lighthouse photography. Lighthouse-related photos (such as LSS and lenses) are also welcome.

Postby Zachary » Mon Aug 07, 2006 7:26 pm

These are some photographs that I took that I feel are some of the best
This is a view of the beach that was actually part of the house being built next door.
This is some birds walking the beach looking for food. I accidently left my camera on the setting for incandescent light when I took this picture which resulted in a blue tint. I liked the look of it so I kept the picture.
This was taken at the Key West Butterfly Conservatory, it's a Blue Morpho
This is the house we stayed in at night with the lights on (some were burnt out). This is the back facing the beach.
This is the sunset at Key West
This is a Fish Pond outside a restaraunt we ate at.
This was taken from the tour of Molasses Reef. The water was so clear & beautiful it seemed to be glowing.

More soon
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