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Postby Gary Martin » Thu Nov 16, 2006 6:44 pm

Carl, aka Pescadero Pete...

You might take note of Ross' comments regarding the photographic knowledge of some of those who frequent and post on this board. There are among the group on here professional photographers with 30 and more years of experience behind a camera, people who write regular photogaphy articles for magazines, as well as a magazine editor/publisher. For these folks, photography is considerably more than a hobby activity, which I suspect reflects your level of expertise.

Your comment,

"...you continue to act as experts even when you know you don't know."

...shows just how much you yourself don't know about some of the people who have commented whose photographic knowledge you're denigrating with that myopic opinion. Some of the people who have commented are indeed experts, whether you like their opinions of your photography or not.
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Postby Biggy » Thu Nov 16, 2006 8:57 pm

I have no reason to disbelieve Carl that his unaltered jpeg is indeed the original shot, so I will simply say the following: Comparing the two photos, Carl, I personally would have changed very little with the unaltered version. Rather than lighten it, I actually would have darkened it a hair and boosted its contrast by the same amount. I can see why you eliminated at least one hot pixel -- looks as if somebody was taking a picture -- because that little turqoise spot to the lower right portion of the shot is a bit annoying.

Anyway ... I don't have much more to say on this.
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Postby LeadingLight » Fri Nov 17, 2006 12:06 am

I started this thread to give attention to the top20LH initiative on Flickr. Just a site for people who make photos, not necessarily for photographers. People upload a photo because they like it themselves and enjoy photos from others. Sometimes the most professional shots are ignored and sometimes faint grey noisy pictures get ohhhs and ahhhs. For me that is the fun of Flickr. For professional comments I go to other sites, for lighthouse things I come here. Too bad this thread ran into a useless discussion and blaming of each other. To be honest I don't mind at all how a photo was made. I like it or not. Like most of us here I try to improve my photos in Photoshop. Nothing wrong with that, and it does not make them fake.

I cannot see that Carl's effort to register here and write down a reply, proves that he had done something wrong. Personally, if I had been cheating (which of course I never do 8) ) the last thing I would do is join the group that unmasked me. To me it proves that he feels really offended.

I suggest to stop discussing Carl's photo now. Everybody made his point. This thread will not go into history as the most civilised in this forum.

And to go back to the subject of this thread: nothing wrong with oploading your own photo in top20LH and delete one you do not like from the show.
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Postby Ross » Fri Nov 17, 2006 7:06 am

I cannot see that Carl's effort to register here and write down a reply, proves that he had done something wrong. Personally, if I had been cheating (which of course I never do ) the last thing I would do is join the group that unmasked me. To me it proves that he feels really offended.

In my decade of experience online and seeing flame wars and opinions getting blown out of proportion, I tend to disagree with that. Who knows what the case is with Carl, but I don't take to someone coming here and expressing their ill-thought snips at everyone because they think his photo was altered. I don't consider it cheating, it's just not the 100% absolute original work if you use photoshop for anything.

I just don't enjoy someone telling me I don't know what I'm talking about based on the fact that they disagree with my opinion. Telling someone they have a closed mind is a little silly.

Too bad I removed some of the original messages on here, we've had some doozies, this is nothing.

My opinion stands, if Carl doesn't like it, that's ok. He doesn't have to!
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Postby Ruilof » Fri Nov 17, 2006 8:51 am

(in my best English)
Looking at the picture and at the video I would say the photo is not faked. However I think photoshop had a tough job to improve this photo.
The starry beams can be caused by two things (which explains the irregular patron of it) namely the working of the 1st order optique and secondly by the built of the aperture of the camera.
Here is what I mean


This is one of my pictures of one of the lighthouses in the Netherlands. Also a 1st order lens. I did not photoshop this photo what so ever and still there are these beams.The photo was taken with a long shuttertime of appr. 20 sec. so the beam of the lighthouse itself is not visible. You see 18 beams so my aperture has been built up out of 9 parts. it's the consequence of internal reflection.

On the other hand: the photo we are discussing about has the file-extension .gif. That's unusual and exif-viewer doesn't see a thing :)
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