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Postby MontaukPoint » Mon Jun 15, 2009 8:55 pm

wheland wrote:
MontaukPoint wrote:
I did the same that you did- I made my comments as asked. I tried to explain my comments - i didn't go off as you say on anyone.

It has nothing to do with if I took it or not- you didn't either. We were both commenting on something as we were asked. I was unaware that that precluded commenting on the comments. I'm glad you've pointed this out to me. I'll try and get it right in the future for you.

I now know the parameters of comments allowed.

Seriously- my basic point is something that has been voiced here before by myself and others- different people see a photo differently. This is most evident when someone is a "serious" or pro photoghrapher and their view is compared to a casual photoghrapher or just an observor of things.

I admit to not being that serious of a photographer but I know ehat I like and what I don't like in the arts- photography and others.

You quoted my message, thereby directing your comments at me, hence "going off" at me - or did you hit the quote button instead of the reply button? :wink: . I mentioned that you did not take the photo, because you seem extremely defensive about it: don't try to paint me as the aggressor. It is fine that you want to offer CC, but do not post it in response to my comments (and with a mocking/sarcastic tone, to boot) to avoid a conflict like this in the future.


Well I'll attempt to make my point clearer for you.

I did not go off on you- if you term my prose as going off you have a very low tolerance for disagreement. I did use your post in my quote. I did not mistakenly click on the wrong button. (Wink all you want) .

I used your post to answer your point and the point made in the post you were taking on in your comment.

I'm sorry I did not know only certain tones were allowed when discussing things with you. I'll bear that in mind in the future.

I find it curious that at the same time you send me a private message you feel it is required to instruct me online as to how I should converse with you.

I will however accord you one thing- I'll refrain from speaking any more about this particular topic so as to not upset you any more. Sorry to have caused you any distress.


You don't seem to be getting my point, do you? I am not someone who will just forget about comments mocking me, call me whatever you want (a grudge-holder, defensive?) I really don't care.

You DIRECTED your comments at me, so is it not fair for me to defend myself? Furthermore, don't try to paint me as the villain, and don't start with the arrogant comments. You are only embarrassing yourself. You provoked this, I am sure that others will agree.

I sent the private message ("PRIVATE" 8O ), because I thought it MAY be nice to end this without further "bloodshed", like adults, in private. Since you have no respect for privacy (as is proven by you posting a overview of the message here) and my action, I regret doing it.

However, since you have agreed to drop the argument, I will too. I also apologize for any distress caused.
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