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Postby island » Thu Mar 03, 2005 3:52 pm

I suppose it is better late than never. Note the different dates given for this rescue. After this many years what is a year or two.

Prince Edward County (Canada) News. Sept - Oct 2004
Our next initiative is to host and sponsor a countywide thank you dinner for the Oswego Lifesaving Station for their heroic efforts in saving the crew from the schooner David Andrews in 1881. The Mayor of Oswego and the Chief Petty Officer of the U.S. Coast Guard will be in attendance for the dinner on September 19th. Tickets are $40.00 per person, which will include an exceptional meal. Come out and join us in thanking our U.S. friends.

The Palladium Times (Oswego) Feb. 25, 2005
Last September, a delegation from the Port City travelled to Picton, Ontario, to accept the official thanks from the county's people for the 1878 rescue by the Oswego Lifesaving Station of the crew of the schooner David Andrews, which had gotten caught in a storm.

The rescue:

Type at loss : schooner, wood, bulk freight
Build info : 1872, Mitchell & Gallegher, South Bay, Ont.
Specs : 161 t.
Date of loss : 1880, Apr 11
Place of loss : 4 Mile Pt., near Oswego, NY
Lake : Ontario
Type of loss : storm
Loss of life : none
Carrying : rye
Detail : Driven ashore, declared total loss. Skipper's young daughter Minerva Ann McCrimmon, "the only one who could steer a straighter wake than a picket fence" was at the helm when she went ashore. Crew taken off by breeches’ buoy by Lifesaving Service. Later recovered by Americans, rebuilt as U.S. schooner DELAWARE
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