Legendary Lighthouses 1 and 2

Have you come across a good book, story or narrative regarding lighthouses, keepers, or lighthouse-related material? Share it here.

Postby TenofHearts12 » Sat Sep 24, 2005 12:39 pm

This past Winter, I purchased Legendary Lighthouses 1 and 2 DVDs (along with the companion books) and thoroughly enjoyed them. As I am a little biased towards the Michigan Lighthouses account I visited my very first one at Fort Gratiot, I am wondering if anyone knows if anyone has ever done a series on Michigan Lighthouses only or if any plans are in the works?

Trust me when I say that I enjoy ALL lighthouses no matter where they are located and would love to see DVDs that cover each state, lake, regions, countries etc. Legendary Lighthouses of the World......includes every single lighthouse still standing and or that was ever built. Now....I would take a second mortgage out to buy all the DVDs and books that covered all of that :-)
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