Lighthouses & Lightships Of The Northern Gulf Of Mexico

Have you come across a good book, story or narrative regarding lighthouses, keepers, or lighthouse-related material? Share it here.

Postby Zachary » Sun Dec 11, 2005 9:19 am

Well it took 2 sites and a half a year but I finally got it!
The book doesn't have alot of info in it, most of it is in Cipra's later book "Lighthouses, Lightships, and the Gulf Of Mexico" but it does a large number of photographs not included in the old one as well as a good number of plans like the original plans for the Glaveston South Jetty lighthouse which were scrapped and plans for the ill fated brick towers of Louisiana. If you can find this book BUY IT! I'll scan some of the plans and put them here for you guys to see later because they are very interesting. Also, if you want to see the TOC I have it posted on my site under "Recommended Reading"
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