"Rock, Paper, Scissors"

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From The Sydney Morning Herald

FOLLOWING his first full-length play, The Last Great Roadhouse in Paradise, an energetic but strained outback farce, John A.D. Fraser gets back to basics: three men in a room, no place to hide.

Welcome to Muckle Flugga, a weather-beaten outcrop at the northernmost tip of Scotland which has its own prehistoric creation myth (giants competing for the love of a mermaid) and a connection to Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island.

Odd couple lighthouse keepers Ronnie (Sean Barker) and Pat (Rob Flanagan) are awaiting the arrival of a relief keeper from the mainland.

He arrives and is everything they have come to expect - only worse. Dougie (Phil Spencer) is not only a novice, he's also a city boy, mouthy and a vegetarian.

Ronnie and Pat induct him into the rituals of a keeper's life and the game they play to stave off boredom, the winner of which is ''king for the day''.

The stage is set for a clash of male egos and a slow reveal of secrets (you don't become a lighthouse keeper unless you're on the run, do you?).

Running at about 65 minutes, Leland Kean's production is crisp and handsome (Rita Carmody's curved-wall set provides a sense of the lighthouse), but Rock, Paper, Scissors falls between situation comedy and a look at emotionally isolated men on the cusp of cultural change they hope will pass them by.

Barker is quietly persuasive and Flanagan enthusiastic as comedy, drama and poetry jostle for space.
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