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Postby xihunter » Thu Oct 20, 2005 9:18 am

Pearl Bank Light (Jolo, Philippines)

San Bernardino Island Light (Philippines)

San Fernando Point Light (new) (San Fernando, Philippines)
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Postby mikev » Wed Nov 02, 2005 8:41 am

OK, first this: Faro Diego Velazquez, Cuba; Punta Maya, Cuba; Saint-Antoine, France.

And now the official competition is closed.

The winner, under the original terms, is Michael (xihunter), the last post before the Halloween deadline. Way to go!

Michael also would win on volume. The top three name-baggers were, in order, Michael at 58, Shirin at an oh-so-close 56, and Brent (pharoslvr) at 43. Nobodt else broke 25. That's after duplicates were weeded out, of course. Shirin won quite a few first-post credits.

Overall, the contest came up with 194 namesake lights, plus a handful that were more properly surnames (Brown, Bush, Jones, Lopez, Smith, Sullivan), and a couple of good nicknames (Pumpkin, Turkey, Dumpling and Old Baldy).

Nobody came up with any namesake lights that start with Q, U, X, Y or Z. Only one each for K and O. If anyone's still interested at this point, here's the name list:

Agnes, Alexandra, Alfred, Alice, Ambrose, Amelia, Angus, Ann, Anthony, Antoine, Antonio, Arthur, Augusta, Augustine, Augustus, Avery.

Bailey, Barbara, Barry, BEAUlieu, Belle, Bernardino, Betsie, Bill, Bonita, Boyd, Bradley, BRANDYwine, Brant, BRENTon, Brett, Brooke, Buck, Byron.

Campbell, Carlos, Carmen, Carroll, Catherine, Charity, Charles, Charlotte, Cherry, Christian, Clair, Clare, Clarence, Clark, Cole, Curtis.

David, Denis, Diego, Don, Donald, Douglas.

Egmont, Eldred, Elena, Elias, Elizabeth, Ellen, Elliot, Elizabeth, Elmo.

Felix, Fernando, Frances, Franklin, Frank, Fox.

Gary, GASPARilla, George, Gilbert, Grant.

Hank, Harrison, Helen, Helena, Henry, Hillary, Hilton, Holy (holly), Hope.

Ida, Isaac, Isabel, Ives.

Jackson, Jacques, James, Janet, Jean, Jefferson, Jeffrey, Jervis, John, Jordan, Jose, Joseph, Juan, Jupiter.


Lee, Lewis, Lbby, Logan, Lorain, Lorenzo, Lou, Louis, Louise, Lucette, Lucrecia, Lucy, Luzia, Lydia, Lynas.

Malcolm, Mason, Marcus, Maria, Mariel, Mark, Marshall, Marta, Martin, Mary, Mathieu, May, Maya, Meredith, Miguel, Mona, Morgan, Morris, Murray.

Neil, Nelson, Norah, Norman.


Pablo, Paul, Paulo, Pearl, Peggy, Peter, Perry, Philip, Phillipe, Pierre, Ponce, Prudence.

Ramsey, Rawley, Rebecca, Regina, Robert, Robinson, Rock, Rodney, Roman, Rosa, Ross, Ryan.

Sandy, Santana, Santiago, Savannah, Scarlett, Scott, Sherman, Sherwood, Simon, Spencer, Stephen, Sydney.

Teresa, Thomas, Tory, TYbee.

Victoria, Vincent, Vincente, Vivian.

Warren, William, Wilson, Wolf, Wolfe, Woody.

There, that's done. Carry on at your own peril. It's been fun...
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