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If you are a member of another lighthouse group, please pass this on to your members, with many thanks from NELL!

Announcing the NELL New England Series LLOM’s from Harbour Lights!

NELL has an exciting preservation fundraising project underway!

NELL has commissioned Lighthouse Marketing and the artists of the “Harbour Lights” lighthouse replicas, to produce for NELL 6 “Little Lights of Mine” which will comprise the NELL New England Series. Race Point, MA lighthouse is the first and will be followed by Isle of Shoals in NH. The first 4 (Race Point, Isle of Shoals, Pomham Rocks, RI and Avery Point, CT) have active support groups who will partner with NELL to sell some of “their” lighthouse model. At the present time we are considering Windmill Point for Vermont and Seguin Island for Maine. All the replicas will include the NELL Logo on the base.

The beautiful Race Point replica is expected in early July and Isle of Shoals is now being crafted for approval by NELL and the “Lighthouse Kids”. We expect there to be a 6 month separation between the arrival of each model.

LL304 Race Point

NELL will sell these replicas in 2 ways - singly or as a reserved set of 6 models with the same number. The partner lighthouse groups will only be selling their lighthouse replicas.

How to Place Your Order:

To reserve the same number for all 6 lights will require a $50 deposit. This deposit will be held in escrow and applied to the cost of the 5th and 6th models. Pat Bandock, Co-Chair of NELL’s New Ventures Committee, will take your order and, for the deposit, cash or check only. She will provide you with your series number at that time. Pat can be contacted at (856)-854-9350 between 6 PM and 9 PM Eastern time.

Although prices in China where the lights are produced are rising, we expect we’ll be selling the initial 2 models for $25 to $28 each plus shipping and handling.

We are excited to be able to partner with other lighthouse groups, as well as publicize NELL’s brave entry into offering the Harbour Lights beautiful lighthouse replicas produced especially for NELL. We will be proud of the finished product, and know you will share our pride.

We encourage you to act quickly if you wish to get in on this exciting NELL New England Limited Edition Series. And remember - all the profits from the sale of these lighthouse replicas go to the NELL Preservation Fund. To date NELL has awarded more than $130,200 for New England Lighthouse and related Preservation Projects.

Judy Castleberry,
NELL Publicity Chair
New England Lighthouse Lovers
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