Obstruction of Range Lights

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Postby island » Wed Jun 20, 2012 8:43 pm

When poking around in lighthouse service reports I found this item concerning the problems of ships anchoring in such positions as to block the view of the front range light or anchored near or tied to a navigation buoy.

The following is a copy of a letter, dated January 12, 1906, from the Secretary of Commerce and Labor to the President of the Senate:

The Department's attention has recently been called to the fact that vessels are frequently anchored in our harbors and other public navigable waters so as to obstruct the range lights established therein by the Department in aid of navigation. At the present time there is no Federal law prohibiting this; a number of the States have, however, enacted statutes making it unlawful to obstruct or interfere with aids to navigation established within their limits, but in some of these statutes no provision has been made to prevent the obstructing of range lights. Federal instead of State legislation on this subject is urgently needed, and it is recommended that a general law be passed by Congress making it unlawful and punishable by fine for any vessel to anchor in any navigable waters of the United States in such a manner as to obstruct or Interfere with the range lights or other aids to navigation established therein.

This is quite like the way some thoughtless self-focused people park their vehicles. I do not know if a law was passed as such although there is a statement to this effect in current Light Lists. In recent times this problem developed at the narrow Port Everglades harbor entrance channel when ever larger, taller ships such as cruise ships were in the harbor and totally blocked the view from the front range light. To resolve this a Vega PEL muti-segment light was installed to replace the rear range light and eliminate the need for the front range light.
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