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Postby wheland » Sun Oct 29, 2006 3:53 pm

Esther and I took a short trip up to Poughkeepsie, NY this past Friday (10-27) to visit with some of her relatives. We had a nice visit- unfortunately the weather wasn't very good for lighthousing on the way back on Saturday (10-28)

We had to be at Sandy Hook by 5 PM for a get together of volunteers from the last ten years of having the lighthouse open for tours.

I had hoped to get to a number of Hudson River lighthouses- even possibly going north to Kingston, Esopus Meadows and Saugerties. I definitely wanted to stop at Stoney Point and Tarrytown and possibly try and get a shot of Jeffrey's Hook from the NJ side.

Saturday morning was just dreadful- heavy rain and high winds. the radio and tv stations were all talking about creeks overflowing their banks, roads flooded, etc so I opted to not even try to go north since the road for all three of theose Lighthouses run right along the river and or crek and Saugerties can be very problematic to walk out to in high water.

We (meaning Esther) decided that an alternate was to go shopping at the woodbury Outlets or a craft show in somerset, NJ so we drove down to the Outlets and shopped. so much fun- I did manage to buy some sneakers at a good price , though.

The skies were clearing up as we left there so we decided to try going over to Stony Point. I had checked the website out and the Park & lighthouse were scheduled to be open.

We got there and there was exactly one car in the parking lot. We saw one of the volunteers (in Revolutionary soldier uniform) and asked about the lighthouse. He informed us that unfortunately it wasn't open that day. the volunteer had opted to not come in due to the weather.

He was nice enough to give us a ride up to the lighthouse on his cart so we decided to go on up.

Here are a few shots of the lighthouse that I took while there.

<center> Image</center>

<center> Image</center>

<center> Image</center>

<center> Image</center>

<center> Image</center>

We walked around the Stony Point Battlefield Park for a bit and then took our leave.

We drove down 9W from Stony Point. I got a glimpse of Tarrytown but there was no place to safely pull off the road to get any photos. I also opted to skip trying to find access to a shot of Jeffrey's Hook as we were now running a bit behind of schedule. I knew I'd have to do a bit of trial and error to find a spot for a photo.

We got to Sandy hook about 5:15 and the party had started without us.

I took some photos of Sandy Hook when we arrived. Here are two of them-

<center> Image</center>

<center> Image</center>

We had a great time reliving the good- and bad- times volunteering at the lighthouse. got to see some people we hadn't seen for quite some time.

I took this last phot in about the same spot as the second photo of Sandy hook above. I know it's ahrd to tell but the lighthouse and keeper's house are in the photo- it sorta fits the time of year , though.

<center> Image</center>

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