Twenty-Four Hours Later ...

Just got back from a lighthouse trip? Have you just finished photographing every aspect of one lighthouse? Post the pictures here! Lighthouse-related photos are also welcome.

Postby Grover1 » Wed Feb 16, 2005 12:13 pm

... It was the scope of the project I admired ... that and the execution ... as a matter of fact, when down low and in the midst of endless gates you kind of felt like the proverbial mouse-in-the-maze. It was only when you got some elevation that you could look down and out over the vastness of this creation.

This is what the fuss is all about ... 7500 of them
<img src="http://img114.exs.cx/img114/7241/gatea19br.jpg" width=350>

From first entrance into the park at Columbus Circle, I thought this was the Dakota ... and I kept looking for openings to frame it ... turns out, when I got over to there, this is the San Remo ... the Dakota is two blocks south ...
<img src="http://img114.exs.cx/img114/9905/gatesa24tk.jpg" width=400>

Three and Four ... two views
<img src="http://img114.exs.cx/img114/6437/gatesa33cy.jpg" width=400>

<img src="http://img114.exs.cx/img114/9651/gatesa51kx.jpg" width=400>

Every time a breeze blew it changed the perspective ...
<img src="http://img114.exs.cx/img114/1372/gates0734wa.jpg" width=400>

A view from one of the park transverse overpasses looking down and out ..
<img src="http://img114.exs.cx/img114/516/gates0622fq.jpg" width=400>

Better planning could have saved many body aches today ... I entered the park on the west side at Columbus Circle and diagonally worked my way up to the lower 80's on the east side ... I then cut across the Great Lawn over to the castle and the outdoor theater. I walked down Central Park West, reentered the park at 72nd and worked my way back to the Grand Army Plaza at 59th and 5th. Essentially I made a 25 block "X"
Not the best way to go ... but I was so caught up in the spectacle I didnt feel it until I was done.

I haven't stopped feeling it since.

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Postby plebetkin » Wed Feb 16, 2005 3:43 pm

I guess you have used muscles that aren't used to being used?

It was worth it for those of us who wouldn't have gotten the grand view of your pictures and your dialogue on what you were seeing.
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Postby COTA » Thu Feb 17, 2005 7:45 pm

I second that Peter. I was wondering what "the heck all the fuss" was about! Thanks for sharing Barry!

P. S. Did you buy Leah and me a northern hot dog? for 2 cents?

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Postby boats » Thu Feb 17, 2005 9:35 pm

8O Another reason why I live in the North-West."Boats"
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