Lighthouse of Scotland (Part 3)

Just got back from a lighthouse trip? Have you just finished photographing every aspect of one lighthouse? Post the pictures here! Lighthouse-related photos are also welcome.

Postby Maria » Thu Jul 21, 2005 6:04 pm

It's been so hot, I haven't felt like doing much lately, and realized that I hadn't shared the rest of my Scotland LH pictures. Since now is a good time to think about the nice cool climate of northern Scotland...

On the way up to Peterhead, this beautiful red and white tower popped up at the side of the road...


Buchan Ness Lighthouse is on a small island right behind the RAF housing. A short bridge takes you out onto the island, and although it is surrounded by a low wall and guard dogs, I was able to walk around the outside and check it all out from all angels.

Later that day in Peterhead, my brother and I headed down to the harbor to check out the boats. There I got this composition.
The lighting is not so great because the sun just ducked behind the clouds and never came back out. The neat thing was that the sun did not set until about 11:00 pm. We hung out for a while and looked at what we thought for a long time was a rock, and finally turned out to be the seal we were hoping for. There were about six of them playing in the harbor.

Just north of Peterhead, not far up the beach from the massive St. Fergus natural gas plan, is Rattray Head. I really wanted to stay in the B&B in the keeper's quarters, but we picked the one week all year that they were full. So we went for tea instead. It was only about 2 miles down a rather rough road.


Keeper's quarters; the modern structure on the left is now the tea room, and the older structure on the right are guest rooms.


The light is in the water just off shore, and can be reached by truck when the tide is really low. The owner of the B&B went inside the tower the last time the maintenance man came around and has some great pictures on his website. http://www.rattrayhead.net/lighthouse/index.htm

The dunes along this beach are amazing. I'm not good at judging heights, but I would guess about two-stories, and there was only one path that was low enough to walk over. There was no one else on the beach, and I could have stayed all day but my mother was getting tired of the wind. There are very old shipwrecks somewhere around there but we did not find them.

This part of Scotland was my favorite. It was far less crowded than Edinburgh, it's quiet, clean and beautiful, and there are a lot of really neat old ruins.

I'll post the Lighthouse Museum seperately.


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Postby Leah Loar-Mays » Fri Jul 22, 2005 6:45 am

Excellent, Maria, thank you!!!!! :D
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