Chicamacomico LSS (many photos)

Just got back from a lighthouse trip? Have you just finished photographing every aspect of one lighthouse? Post the pictures here! Lighthouse-related photos are also welcome.

Postby beachbum1616 » Tue Oct 25, 2005 9:04 am

After our very brief stop at the old Pea Island LSS, we quickly made our way from Salvo to Rodanthe for our planned visit to the Chicamacomico LSS. We have visited this station a number of times, but each time we return I find myself liking it more and more not only for the neat architecture of the 1874 and 1911 buildings, but for the history of the life-saving service and the men involved. As I mentioned earlier, our purpose for the visit this particular day was to gather more info and photos for my LSS portion of my web site, which I will wait and share later.

I want to share just the photos of the station itself because I know that several of you here like this station as well, so here goes.

It was around 12:30pm when we arrived at the station. Normally closed on Saturday this time of year, the station was hosting an island wide yard sale, so the station was open to visitors as well.

Since our last visit, a house that was constructed in 1907 near the property of the station was donated to the site and moved onto the property. It will be opened to the public and filled with period accurate furniture. I forget the name of the family that donated it, but I know that it will be a nice addition to the station.


Since our last visit, the summer kitchen and water cistern originally went with the 1874-Type station has been moved up with the 1874 station building, being placed on the north side and just to the back of the 1874 station.


A view of the front of the 1911 station.


A view of the north side of the station. By the time I took this photo, the clouds were beginning to roll in.


Lastly, my favorite shot of the station taken that day.


Christina has a few photos she wants to post so I will give here time to do so and let her post the link to the next thread.

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Postby cawteener » Tue Oct 25, 2005 12:53 pm

Just got home from school and am ready to add my photos....

Here goes....

First, we have a shot of the back of the 1874 station

Next up is one of my signature shots.... (Stephen taking a picture)


And also, the front of the 1911 station

And finally....

On to the next thread......
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