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Postby mikev » Wed May 31, 2006 6:22 am

Carole, we'd noticed that development thing going on at Old Orchard Beach, our other favorite stop when we feel more like sand than tide pools or just don't have the extra driving time for Down East. Upscale condos or other project go in, driving property values way up and putting taxes out of reach for multi-generation family homes/cottages, forcing property sales that lead to more condos, etc. A lot of families are getting screwed, and a lot of coasts are changing character... :(

And, Mike, actually I owe you thanks for reviving an old and much-loved hobby... :D
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Postby epona » Wed May 31, 2006 6:59 am

The issue that Mike just posted is not going just in Maine. South County in RI is having a huge problem with this issue. At the grantsmanship course I took last fall in Bangor, one of the people attending is from an island off the coast of Maine. This island cannot afford to keep teachers and the like on the island. The taxes alone are killing people. Old Orchard Beach is having many problems and issues. It is a town that is very much divided by the issue of development. The development that Mike talked about will not be done/finished until next year.

Some people put down Biddeford, where I live. It is an old mill town and the mills with one exception have closed. The buildings remain. One wants to tear them down. Which is somewhat good. I have been in a few of them. Think wooden floors, high ceiling, brick walls. Some artists and small business are discovering these buildings.

The city is home of MERC and is a dumping ground for people. Many of the social services are based in this area. It is in your face to a degree.

However the beach in this city is protected. I paid 5 dollars for my beach pass this year. It is going up 10 dollars on June 1. This pass allows me to use a very nice city beach that has a beach house and good size parking lot. In addition I can park at least 3 other places, anytime I want during the summer. At 10 dollars this is a bargain. The city is home has two colleges and universities in it. People are buying and moving into Biddeford who want to make improvements.

The development that is taking place around here is up next to the Maine Turnpike, a big Mall is coming in. The downtown area of Biddeford has huge blinking smoke stack. MERC Maine Energy Recovery Company, it burns trash from many different states. I voted to keep it last fall. I have the best view of it in the area. I am at eye level with it. MERC is the largest tax payer in Biddeford and the cost to the to pick up trash is one of the lowest in the country. If the taxes stay low my rent stays lower. You have to have a balance between things.

So, believe or not this growth does impact lighthouses and what is going to build around them. Does anyone see the many issues and questions this brings up????

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