Erie Land Light to open for GLLKA Lake Erie Excursion

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Postby Terry_Pepper » Thu Jul 29, 2010 7:37 am

The Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Association is happy to announce a new addition to the itinerary for our upcoming Lake Erie Excursion September 9th through the 11th - a rare opportunity to climb the tower of the Erie Land Light.

Add this to the planned tours of the Lorain and Ashtabula lighthouses, viewing all the lights between Cedar Point and Erie from the water, and a wonderful night on the Cleveland waterfront, and this is going to be a great adventure.

Click the link below for a full itinerary for this excursion:


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Postby CHUCKX53 » Thu Aug 19, 2010 12:05 pm

About 3 years ago, in the spring, I stopped by the Erie Land Light to do some extra photos...I had been there several times previous, always photo'd from the East side....The person who was living there was outside, preparing to go someplace, saw me and invited me in to take photos from the inside the yard, by the Keeper's Dwelling. Right friendly fellow, he was. I took special care not to step in any of the flower beds.

I don't know who this fellow was, since the City of Erie owns the light and grounds (Dunn Park), and they rent the Keeper's House out to caretakers. I didn't get his name, as he left straightaway after inviting me in, driving right out of the driveway. I remained about 15 minutes, doing shots before leaving myself.

I wonder if the same people are living there, caretaking the light and the grounds ? If so, he was one cool dude, and if you see him, thank him for me....I got some great photos.
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