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Dear Lighthouse fans, a local symbol of the War of 1812 is now in jeopardy, and we need your help; please send a short email in support of Little Gull.

Little Gull lighthouse, in eastern Long Island Sound at the west end of the Race, was at the center of an important local episode during the War of 1812 , when British soldiers demanded the lighthouse keeper extinguish the light. The keeper refused and the British then forcibly removed the lighthouse lenses, putting the station out of service for the duration of the conflict.
Two hundred years ago, Little Gull did its best to protect our shores. Let's return the favor and preserve this emblem of our maritime history. (The lighthouse was rebuilt on the same foundation in 1867.)

Little Gull island and lighthouse have been put up for auction by the federal government.
The auction closed last Wednesday, October 17, with a high bid of $381,000.
Meanwhile, a coalition of historic preservation and conservation groups has offered the government $150,000 for Little Gull, plus the New London Maritime Society's stewardship of the current lighthouse and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service's management of the fragile habitat. We want to keep the property in the public--not private--realm.

We have 50 days left for people to write to the GSA in support of our proposal.

Please write to Gabrielle Sigel: gabrielle.sigel@gsa.gov.
Please let the GSA know you believe Little Gull should remain in the public realm, its habitat should be conserved and its history preserved. And please cc us on your email, so we know what messages are being sent: nlmaritimedirector@gmail.com.

Thank you, --Susan

http://northfork.patch.com/articles/bid ... gull-islan


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