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Postby town » Tue Oct 27, 2009 4:21 am

My wife and I purchased Braddock Point lighthouse in Hilton NY last year. We have been extensively renovating while opening up to the public (something that has never been done in the past 110+ years with this lighthouse)

As you probably can imagine- it is extremely expensive for a private owner (without really deep pockets) to undertake such a mission so, I am looking at all opportunties to help fund this passion. I have attempted to have Braddock recognized by the NY State preservation society as an historical landmark. I have hit an obstacle. The person that I spoke to was not very encouraging and said, since part of the original tower was destroyed and later rebuilt- this would disqualify it. He also said- Braddock isn't even a lighthouse, I suggested that he speak with the US Coast Guard who maintain this survivor- that it is in fact still a working lighthouse.

If any of you have had the pleasure to tour Braddock or know it's history- I would appreciate your letter of support as I appeal the short sighted bureacracy that I am now facing. With the proper designation- Braddock is eligible for grants that will help keep the lights on for another 100 years. Most sinererely, Donald and Nandy Town- ntown@tampabay.rr.com
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