Horsehoe Reef Lighthouse, Buffalo,NY-Missing Logs

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Postby captherman » Thu Nov 12, 2009 12:27 pm

I am currently researching/documenting the logbooks for several lighthouses, one of them being the Horseshoe Reef Lighthouse, Buffalo, NY. This lighthouse was part of the Buffalo Life Saving Station. The only logbooks for Buffalo are located in the Chicago NARA. They are for the Life Saving Station only. There is no record of these logbooks in the D.C. NARA. I have been to both places and staff has not been able to locate them. I am posting this in the hopes that someone will know of/hear about/seen the whereabouts of these logbooks. I have also contacted various lighthouse association, antique dealers. etc. I am hoping if they exist someone will know where they are located.
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