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Postby greatlaker » Tue Jan 11, 2005 9:41 am

Well, we finally received a decent amount of snow here in Milwaukee last week for some winter lighthouse photography. The 2 images of the Milwaukee North Point Lighthouse were taken on Jan. 4th 2005. The lighthouse and keepers quarters are still decorared for the holidays.

The restoration process should begin this Spring. Check out their web site for more information.


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Postby Hersh » Tue Jan 11, 2005 3:53 pm

That looks like the Cheboygan Criib light all grown up... :D

Cool shots Mark, thanks for posting em.
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Postby beachbum1616 » Tue Jan 11, 2005 8:41 pm

The keeper's quarters almost blends in with the snow!

Nice photos!

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Postby plebetkin » Wed Jan 12, 2005 5:22 am

good composition on the first photo. The trees nicely frame the lightouse and keepers house and lead the eye to the center. I think that snow can be harder to shoot in because there is often less contrast with the lighthouse color itself.
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Postby Pharoslvr » Wed Jan 12, 2005 10:17 am

That's a beautiful tower and quarter's! I noticed where it mentioned that the Coast Guard took the Fresnel Lens out of the lantern room in 1994 and put it into storage. I am wondering if it will be brought back out for the public to see at some point in time? Hopefully, it will.

Thanks for the story and photos, Mark!

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Postby cawteener » Wed Jan 12, 2005 2:20 pm

Great photos! I have never seen a picture of that light. It is a very beautiful lighthouse the keeper's quarters is very pretty as well!
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Postby greatlaker » Wed Jan 12, 2005 3:19 pm

Yes, the Coast Guard did remove the lens and they are in the process of refurbishing it. The plan, other then the restoration of the tower is to turn the keepers house into a museum and mini conference/events center. The lens will be the center piece of the museum.

The image below is from this summer from the "lake" side of the lighthouse. The 2 images from the original post are from the "street" side.

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Postby COTA » Wed Jan 12, 2005 6:07 pm

Thanks for posting the photos! I love them! I hope their efforts go as planned.
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Postby epona » Fri Jan 14, 2005 11:37 am

Thank you for the pictures and information. I checked out the web site which is well designed and has useful information.
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Postby Leah Loar-Mays » Sat Jan 15, 2005 5:28 am

Gorgeous!!! :D
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