Dune Point, Punto Medanos, Argentina

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Postby frassinetti » Sun Mar 20, 2005 11:40 am

My trip to, the Dune Point, Punta Medanos lighthouse. I was truly exited and happy knowing this was The Day, the day when I would begin the pre production to this fantastic documentary on the stories that the Argentinean shores have to tell us.

Punta Medanos is nearby Valeria del Mar on the south Atlantic coast, just a few minutes car ride away.

The road stands upon us, inviting us to a fantasy ride. To our sides, the endless pampa fields, so green so full of life. Every so often there are groups of cows and bulls, and yet again, the everlasting green carpet meeting with the grayish sky in the horizon. When we finally arrived to the lighthouse location I was filled with emotion. I got off the car, and began to design the shooting of the documentary, which angle-shots would help me tell the story behind the beautiful construction, the people that has looked after the building and the unknown history of this gorgeous and forgotten spot.

See Image Gallery to this Lighthouse:


I hope you enjoy the pictures. There are soon to be more! Bob Frassinetti.
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Postby plebetkin » Sun Mar 20, 2005 11:43 am

you should write up the experience and submit it to lighthouse digest magazine.
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Postby frassinetti » Sun Mar 20, 2005 12:12 pm

Punto Medanos and other thoughts .........

I've been working on several projects at the same time... and all that work has kept me busy for the past weeks and even months. Though the last long weekend was fantastic, it was not just meere relaxation..for as you know I'm working on a fantastic short documentary on lighthouses, ships, shipwrecks, and sea side stories related to these main subjects,so ...

I truly believe this is the first chapter to a broader and fantastic projects which include a travel tour guide for lighhouses , lighthiouse-like buildings in lovely Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Travelling to the sea side this past long weekend,like always, to the cottage, which now I'm using as base camp, was terrific. While enjoying the peace of mind I get when I'm by the sea, bonding with nature, I was taking the first photos of the lighthouses I've chosen near Buenos Aires and the cottage by the sea, well only some 400 kilometres away .... thats not far

The ones on Villa Gessel and Punta Medanos, are the ones I'll start off with, then I'll take on some others on the River Plate (docks of Buenos Aires) on a paradise Island in the midle of the River Palte,called Martin Garcia!

That should wrap it up.

The reason for such selection was mainly time-money-space related... as they are the nearest on and around BA and the cottage I hope the production doesnt go like those Hollywood ones.... Plus it sounds fun and shouldn't be too expensive .....

I'll keep you updated!!

Anyway, I'll get some work done ,more latter
Bob Frassinetti.
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