Fort Louisa Augusta, St. Croix, VI

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Postby Zachary » Wed Jun 29, 2005 9:46 am

I've spent a couple of days resesarching this light, which is pictured on the Coast Guard page but is missing all other info. I e-mailed this to Russ Rowlett to add to the LH Directory but he hasn't replied yet. I just thought I'd post my findings here.

Fort Louisa Augusta (St. Croix, VI)
http://www.uscg.mil/hq/g-cp/history/WEB ... ugusta.JPG
Established: 1919
Location: Fort Louisa Augusta on Christiansted Harbor.
Description: A brick building (maybe a keepers quarters?) with a small
lantern on roof.
Decativated: 1931 when replaced by a skeletal tower
The station is not listed on the official Light List, probably meaning
it is either gone or inactive, however it is listed on this Lat/Lon
site: http://www.lat-long.com/Virgin-Islands/ ... 13934.html

The interesting thing is, I spent hours on Google typing different variations of that name and the info I needed was in the book that arrived on Monday (America's Lighthouses: An Illustrated History) which is an excellent book that I learned alot from.
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