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Postby LeadingLight » Wed Aug 12, 2009 1:09 pm

Especially for all English speaking people: yesterday I was interviewed on Dutch radio about Alcatraz lighthouse. They found out it existed 75 years. Yeah, those press people are not really interested in verifying their "facts" :? . Anyway, if you want to experience how it feels to contribute to discussions in a foreign language, feel free to listen to my interview at http://www.lapoutre.info/alcatraz/. (When on the page, klik on the last (white) words of the text to start the MP3).

(Like in almost all interviews they call you 10 times during the day, you give all kind of facts, they say "we're going to ask that and that and that" and finally the broadcast is there and someone is asking the most stupid questions, and nothing of the preparing calls comes back into the interview. Most brilliant example (unfortunately not live in the air, but during one of the phone calls): "One moment, let me write it down.... so the keeper first kills himself and then his wife..." #-o )
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