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Postby Grover1 » Tue Sep 29, 2009 8:37 am

How cool is this! Found on Comic Treadmill ... From Batman 126 ... Sept 1959
(Sorry for the size ... smaller, it lost clarity)

Synopsis for "The Batman Lighthouse"
Gotham City has recently erected a lighthouse in the shape of a giant Batman holding a torch, which figures in the lives of three separate individuals. When bandits overpower night watchman Dan Grady and lock him in a warehouse's stockroom, he forms a "bat-signal" from parts of a bicycle reflector pasted to board, shines it by the light of the nearby lighthouse, and thus signals Batman and Robin to rescue him and defeat the thieves. Later, political refugee Carlo Luria gazes on the lighthouse from within a ship; with him he has a report which, when presented to the American government, will block their loan to his small nation and thus enable a dictatorship to be overthrown. However, agents from the nation are on board, start a fire, pose as firemen and attempt to abduct Luria. Batman and Robin are drawn from their Bat-Boat search for gangster Hack Jorgens by the fire, and the fact that the ship's "firemen" are ignorant of firefighting terminology tips them off to the agent's true nature. They are able to rescue Luria and subdue the agents. Finally, Batman realizes that Hack Jorgens has holed up in the Batman Lighthouse when he notes that the becon is revolving too slowly; the clockwork mechanism must be cranked up every four hours, and the lighthouse keeper, tied up by Jorgen, has not been able to do it. Batman chases Jorgen up the arm of the giant Batman to the torch, where he tackles him, finally bringing the gangster to bay. Later on, in prison, Jorgens is given a cell facing the Batman Lighthouse.
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