Racine Breakwater looking sad

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Postby NoahG » Sat Oct 23, 2010 10:58 am

I was out at Racine Breakwater light last weekend, and, aside from the light needing a new paint job, I noticed a few other things.

The floodlights are gone! Not only that, but the conduit running power out to the lighthouse is damaged and empty.

There is a basketball sized hole in the bottom of the light. It goes straight through the metal sheeting and the wood appears to be rotting.

I thought Racine was proud of their lights. With the even the modern reef light in disrepair, it's sad to see the state Racine's light are in, especially since the AMAZING Wind Point is just a few minutes away.
Noah G.
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Postby clm1950 » Sat Oct 23, 2010 1:14 pm

Very sad to read ... :cry:
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Postby CHUCKX53 » Sun Oct 24, 2010 12:36 am

I assume you mean Racine's 'Big Red'.....

I went by in a boat last Aug. 14, on the way out to the reef light...I noticed some grafitti on it at that time....Didn't see a hole, but maybe just in a position I couldn't see.

Since they fought so hard to save it then, it's sad to think they would just let it go like that now...
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