Tyfon 425DVE steam jacketed diaphragm type foghorn for sale.

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Postby MiloExUSCG » Thu Nov 11, 2010 9:54 am

I have been collecting lighthouse memorabilia and artifacts since I first started working for the USCG in 1939. I am slowly thinning out my collection partly due to my age(89). And also to use the money for traveling. I came in possession of this fog signal back in the 40's. It was removed from a lighthouse that was replaced by a Diaphone type signal, and even later the lighthouse was demolished. This item is very rare for use in a lighthouse. as I did more research, I have found that the 425DVE's were mostly used on large steam ships. This particular model is much longer that it's steam ship counterpart. It is 101 inches long and weighs around 900-1,000lbs. It was in working order when it was removed from the lighthouse. I do not have the air supply to test it. I tried to blow it using 100psi from a 30 gallon shop compressor and barely got a sound. It is marked U.S. Light House Establishment on the top rear section of the foghorn and Leslie Tyfon on the rear and bell section. I will only provide the buyer with full history on this foghorn. Most lighthouses that have a diaphragm type foghorn are not steam jacketed like this one. This is made entirely of bronze and that is why it weighs so much. $10,000 U.S. dollars is the firm price (which if you price it according to the price of bronze in weight costing around $10.00 per pound, you are just paying for scrap price and not the historical value of the piece). 10K is an absolute steal. Just to give an example, an 5 gallon oil transfer can with the markings "USLHE" fill fetch $5,000 dollars, and that's just a less than 15lbs oil can! I have only seen one other steam jacketed Tyfon 425DVE like this in a lighthouse setting (that one was made by Kockums and has also been removed) so this is a very good price. No tire kickers,serious inquiries only please.

PS: buyer must arrange for shipping and pick up. Must have lift gate and pallet jack to load. There will also be legal paperwork to be signed.

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