And there is the fog, Maine fog.

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Postby island » Wed Aug 29, 2012 10:31 pm

And there is the fog---silent, wet, cold Maine fog.

According to LH Service records reported in 1915 there were 29 fog signal stations that each averaged over 1000 hours of fog signal operation each year and 14 of these were in the Mid-Coast to Down East Coast of Maine. The Little River fog bell was one of these averaging 1219 hours over a 10 year period, 1905-1915. For the neighboring lights of Libby Island (1536 hours) and West Quoddy (1372), both over a 31 year period and each with a 10-inch steam whistle. The highest 31 year average was 1691 hours at Petit Manan.

The absolute maximum record was that at Seguin, 2,734 hours in 1907. One hundred fourteen days of fog! One hundred and fourteen days not of the mellow sound of a fog bell such as the bell at Little River but one hundred and fourteen days of the Seguin 10-inch steam whistle sounding its loud 8 second blast each minute, a sound so loud you could also feel the vibrations in your bones and even more so when later converted to compressed air horns, each blast rattling the windows and downspouts of the dwelling.

There was also this statement included in the 1915 fog signal report; "There is sometimes an unfortunate conflict of interest between the need of a loud and distinctive signal to aid the mariner in fog and the quiet and comfort of residents in the vicinity of the signal." No kidding!!
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